Unstable Squares

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Unstable Squares Unstable Squares

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Unstable Squares Game


Unstable Squares will test your logic. How developed is your logic? Show that you have well-developed logic and it is easy to cope with the rules of this exciting game. There are a lot of pieces on the playing field. You will be given two points, a white ball between them, and many obstacles in the form of rotating squares. The player should think of a route for the white ball so that to spend it from one point to another. If the ball collides with the squares, it will burst, and the game is over.
The ball is easy to control with the mouse. Its movement is directed from the bottom of the screen upwards. You have to be as careful and dexterous as possible to successfully hit the destination. For each successful hit, you get bonuses. The game has several levels.


Do quick taps to avoid squares when you are close to them. With every taping on the screen, the ball will go up or down.


Tap on the screen to play

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