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Time Control Game


In Time Control you have to show your agility and reaction speed. You will have to deal with a very fast-moving red ball. And remember, the ball is not very obedient. On the way will be a lot of obstacles. The player should deftly guide the ball along with the squares. Squares also play by their own rules. They are constantly rotating.
A point is scored for hitting the ball in a special basket. This is not an easy process. To deftly avoid failures, the player can increase or decrease the speed of the ball. If it seems that all paths are closed and you don’t know where to move, just tap the screen and slow down. You will have a couple of seconds to determine your next move. The one who hits the basket with the ball more often wins. More points are awarded for this.


Control the speed of the ball by clicking on the screen. Try to avoid rotating squares. They will rotate for different speeds every time, they will change their speed too. So be careful and watch on squares.


Tap on the screen to play this game.

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