Basket Puzzle

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Basket Puzzle Basket Puzzle

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Basket Puzzle Game


Basket Puzzle tests your dexterity and ability to move quickly. This game is full of elements for intelligent solving. Puzzles help you pass the level faster if you can solve them correctly. The task is simple. The player is given a basketball. There is also a path with difficult challenges. The basket for the ball is located in some distance. Will you be able to get the ball to the basket quickly and without losses? Victory is credited to you if you manage to successfully get the ball to the basket. Tests can wait in the form of any objects. This can be a trampoline, a fan or other interior object, which should be used to their advantage. The ball is easy to control with the mouse, just drag and drop anywhere on the field and move towards the goal.


You need put the ball to the basket, with help of objects in scene. Drag objects to the scene for level complete. Click Play button to watch your progress.

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